Julie's Story

*Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team if you have been affected by Julie's story

At just 10 years old, Julie came to CrossReach counselling after witnessing her stepfather assault her younger sister who had additional support needs.

Julie holding teddy

Thankfully she was able to receive the support she needed through counselling over 6 months at our Counselling service in Inverness.

It was a safe place where she could share what she had been through, what she had witnessed and how she was feeling.

By giving her that safe space and listening to Julie, the counsellor was able to find ways to help her manage the trauma, flashbacks and fear.

In addition to supporting Julie one to one, the CrossReach counsellor met key people at Julie’s school to help them understand how Julie was feeling and help them support her within the school setting, where she spent most of her days.  

The counsellor also had frequent review meetings with Julie’s mother who was herself receiving counselling; not only did this help her personally, but it also meant she was able to support Julie at home.

Julie sleeping

In time, Julie’s flashbacks began to fade and she learned that it was understandable to feel this way, as well as learning that what happened was not her fault.

She felt more able to ask for help, gradually becoming more settled in school and finally able to sleep through the night without fear or worry.  

Many suffer in silence, but what we at CrossReach want to ensure is we are there to support everyone who comes to us for help in such a horrific situation. No one should have to go through the abuse like Julie experienced. 

We need your help so that we can fund our services to be there for more children like Julie. We rely on donations from friends like you to keep our children and family services open.  

£50 could fund a 1 hour counselling session for a child like Julie, but anything you can spare would be that vital help to one more child that needs us. 

Will you be a hero to a child like Julie this Christmas?


Julie crying

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