Go team Everest!

Graeme and Helen Wright wearing CrossReach t shirts

Our supporters are amazing!

On 4 January 2021, fifty seven determined and focused individuals started their virtual ascent of Mount Everest to raise funds for CrossReach services. Inspired and led by their Chefs de Mission husband and wife Graeme and Helen Wright, owners of Wright Fitness in Moray. (pictured)

“This is no normal ascent, Mount Everest is 8,848m or 348,336 inches tall. Team members will be jumping their way to the top” said Helen as she explained how the challenge will be completed. "The participants are in sub teams of 10, and each individual mountaineer will need to complete 1936 x 18 inch box jumps, step ups or stair walks over a 40 day period to reach the summit."

Helen, who has seen CrossReach in action in her region, said:

“It is going to be tough, muscles will be sore but the effort and commitment is amazing!” 

Can you help to keep the team inspired and make a donation today? bit.ly/3mL651A

All money raised will go directly to supporting vulnerable people across Scotland!

Good luck team Everest and thank you, from everyone at CrossReach!


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