Join the CrossReach Prayer Share, February 17th - April 3rd

The Scottish Ambulance Service recently announced that more of their calls than ever before were to do with Mental Health.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on the mental wellbeing of our nation. 
For many people stress, anxiety and depression are their only companions.

Days can be filled with anger, confusion, hurt and loneliness. Some may turn to alcohol to take away the pain, ease the worry and help them to sleep. They dread waking up, as they know that they will feel worse and the cycle will start again.

They pray for this to change, they pray for someone to be there for them before it is too late, and pray for someone to hear their voice.

In times of worry or stress many of us turn to prayer for guidance and support, however we also turn to prayer for thanks and hope.

We want to hear what you are praying for, we want to give you a voice during these difficult times and bring people together from all across the country to create one powerful prayer video which will be released to view on Easter Sunday.

From February 17th (the start of Lent) you can upload a 10 second video and send it to us via text, Whats App or our webpage. Please tell us what you are praying, hoping or thankful for.

Answer a Prayer

At CrossReach, we help over 10,000 of Scotland’s most vulnerable people every year. We help people to overcome their addictions, win their battles with depression, ease their anxiety and live the life they deserve.

You can help to answer the prayers of those in need, by making a donation to support the work of CrossReach.

Together we can make great things happen.

Thank you.

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