Sundown Stories - Tiger Rescue

Marion and friend with tigress

Residents of The Elms dementia care home in Edinburgh have been working in partnership with Dawn Irving from the Capital Theatre Group to help create the Sundown Stories project.

Along with family members and members of the Dunbar Dementia Group, the Sundown Stories project features 6 stories, created from the personal reminiscences of people living with dementia for other people living with dementia. 

The stories are designed to calm anxiety or distress as the day changes to night and are for anyone who enjoys a relaxing story.

Narrated by actor Adam Robertson, each video is set in a different area of the Festival Theatre and the King’s Theatre in Edinburgh and is accompanied with British Sign Language provided by Amy Dawson.

The Elms residents provided three stories:

  • Tiger Rescue
  • Peggy of Metal Bridge
  • A Real Tom Boy

So sit back and relax and listen to Tiger Rescue, based on the incredibly rich memories of Marion Conacher (far right and inset image) who felt called to work in India as a nurse.


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