Just Festival 2019

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This year Just Festival has chosen to support CrossReach as it celebrates its 150th anniversary.

Focusing on the theme of Transition, the festival offers a varied programme of talks, conversations and performing arts to explore how change impacts our well being and how we perceive the world around us. Included among the diverse range of events will be an exhibition of paintings from our Heart for Art service.

Heart for Art seeks to bring creativity and connection to those living with dementia in Scotland. We celebrate the individual behind the diagnosis and seek to reduce the stigma often associated with dementia, focusing instead on the creative skills that everyone possesses and witnessing the transition in those who believed “I am not an artist” At our community based classes participants express their ideas and feelings on canvas, alongside volunteers, carers and art students in a shared interest. For more information about when you can see the exhibition and what other events are available visit the Just Festival website.


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There's also another chance to see the CrossReach 150th Exhibition at St. Cuthbert's Church in Edinburgh.

150 years ago in May 1869, a heart-felt desire to meet the social care needs of the people of Scotland led to the forging of what has become the Church of Scotland’s legacy of social care.

The service delivery and styles have transitioned through the decades in response to cultural changes and need, and CrossReach, the operating name for the Church’s Social Care Council, is honoured to continue this work.

From the very youngest to the very oldest, whatever their circumstances, CrossReach believes, in challenging times, everyone needs someone in their corner.

This immersive exhibition will take you on a journey through tales of transformation, courage and innovation and we hope you will find it an interesting and enriching experience.

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