Recovery Volunteer Graduation!

Recovery Graduate presentation

It was our annual Recovery Volunteer Graduation today [31 January 2020] and we are delighted that 19 students from the 2019 classes were recognised for their commitment and hard work.

All students make a commitment to attend 8 full days of training before taking on a volunteering position within a CrossReach service. The training covers the basics that all staff need to know before taking roles in supporting people who receive a service from us. On successful completion of the training, each Volunteer begins supporting someone on their journey of recovery within a CrossReach service.

Simon, a graduate from today who now regularly volunteers at CrossReach Residential Abstinence Recovery Service (previously Rainbow House) generously shared something of his story with us:

“I have a past, I’ve spent over twenty years in addiction, but I want to focus on my recovery and volunteering here. I was a resident in Rainbow House for 6 months and completed the recovery programme. Whilst in Rainbow I received a great deal of support and an understanding of my addiction and what I suffered from. The service leader, Peter, played a big part in my early recovery. He encouraged me and introduced me to the Christian side of recovery through Hope for Glasgow.  He knew I wasn’t sure about the other fellowship groups then and he was a good role model.

I then got the opportunity to go to supported accommodation, Whiteinch Move On Service. I stayed there for another 6 months before moving on to live in my own house. Whilst in the Move On, I received support from the staff team and my keyworker, which helped me to find what I needed to do, to further my Recovery and to maintain it.

Whilst I was in Rainbow House I made the decision I wanted to work in the care field to help other people who are in addiction. I was lucky enough that CrossReach runs a Volunteer Training Programme and this gave me the basic knowledge I needed to work in this field. I successfully completed the Training which I found challenging but extremely helpful in gaining the knowledge I would need to go on to volunteer at a CrossReach Service.

I now volunteer at CrossReach Residential Abstinence Recovery Service and I am lucky enough to be given the opportunity to help other people who are in the position I was in just over a year ago. This means that people can relate to me as I’m still only early in Recovery. As a volunteer, I am around the residents a lot which allows them to build up a trusting relationship with me early on.  It lets them talk to me about problems they might not want to go to staff with, especially when they are new to the Service. I am also in a position that I can share with them my experience of my time in the Service.

I started volunteering 3 days a week and now as my confidence is building I volunteer 5 days a week.

Being a Volunteer helps me in my Recovery and allows me the opportunity to gain knowledge of working, as part of the recovery team, in a rehabilitation service. This allows me to build my self worth as I am seen as a valued staff member within the Service.

I am now looking at further training opportunities and I believe my lived experience and my experience through volunteering, will benefit me greatly when I look to get employment in this field.”

Thank you to Simon for sharing his story.  He is now looking to take up paid employment within the sector and we wish him, and all the graduates, the very best for their futures.

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