"So worthwhile" - working for CrossReach

Anya - Rankeilllor Initiative

At the start of COVID-19, I was furloughed from my job, so I wanted something good to do with  my new free time.  This led me to join Cunningham House, a CrossReach homelessness service, as a Relief Support Worker, even though I didn't have any professional experience with homeless people. 

The staff there were excellent – they were really welcoming, informative and helpful to me, as well as caring and attentive to the residents.  I really enjoyed working with and getting to know the residents and learning from them. 

A couple of months ago, a Senior Support Worker position came up at The Rankeillor Initiative;  another CrossReach service that provides temporary flats with holistic support for those registered as homeless.   Even though my only experience of working in homelessness had been the previous few months at Cunningham House, the management team decided to invest in me and along with relevant training they gave me the position!

I really enjoy the role. The staff are excellent at what they do - I'm privileged to glean from their expertise! It's a fulfilling experience to support the vulnerable in our society right now. I now see this as a career path for me, rather than a way to pass my free time.  

My experience at CrossReach has been so worthwhile.  It's an organisation I would highly recommend to anyone interested in working in the social care sector or looking for the type of support CrossReach offers.  

Inspired by Anya's story? Visit our Career's page and apply to be a relief worker: www.crossreach.org.uk/relief-vacancies-0

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