Summer fun at Daisy Chain

Young children playing in the sand

During the summer our Daisy Chain Early Years Project has the pleasure of taking its play sessions for early years children and parents outdoors.

Using a community green space, each of the sessions looks at a different theme to encourage a variety of play types and are also opened up to older siblings, giving them an opportunity to participate in some nature crafts and outdoor activities.

By creating a space where parents can play with their children without the distraction and duties of parenthood, the whole family has a chance to connect with the outdoor world through play and create happy summer memories.

Two young girls being read to

Miriam Rana, Team Leader at the Project said:

“This is a much loved time for the team as they are able to come together to interact and share the skills and experience they have learned throughout the year. Hopefully some sunny weather will be as kind this year as it was last, however, we’re looking forward to using our new sails for shelter.”

Find out more: Daisy Chain Early Years Project.
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