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Meet Tracy...

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For many of us, the past year has been a real challenge. It has opened our eyes to the struggles of mental health in a way like never before and has shown us all how anyone can experience isolation and loneliness.

Now, more than ever we need to be there for everyone who comes to CrossReach looking for that extra support.

In 2020 the number of people in vulnerable positions who needed our help rose substantially. CrossReach has over 70 dedicated services in Scotland and our doors are always open for those in need.

People like Tracy.

“I was diagnosed with depression round about 2012 and was referred for support, unfortunately they didn’t take much time to sit with me and go through things with me. She diagnosed me with being slightly depressed I asked her if there was anybody that could help me. I was hoping to get some help so I could get my mental health under control. She then told me about the Moven Centre [CrossReach] and showed me where it was, I walked in and self-referred myself and they opened my eyes and helped me in ways I didn’t know I could be helped.

When I came here, I wouldn’t speak to anybody, wouldn’t do anything... until one day I decided to go on a trip that the Centre provide and because of that I started speaking to other people round the Centre and they started speaking to me and before you knew it I was involved in stuff around the Centre."

Tracy, Morven Centre
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That support hasn’t stopped there, it’s been a tough couple of years during lockdown which also meant many of our face-to-face services couldn’t operate in the same way.

“Because the centre was closed we couldn’t visit the centre, but the staff have phoned us continuously throughout lockdown. I actually went through a very  stressful time during lockdown to the point I was ready to take my life again but the staff seen me through it, kept my spirits up and it was great, couldn’t fault them in any way.”

“They did that with everyone, made sure we were ok…and didn’t feel so alone”


CrossReach operates over 70 expert services across Scotland covering areas including substance use, homelessness, mental health, and specialist residential care. Our doors are always open for those in need, but we cannot do this without you.

We are asking for a little extra help to allow us to cope with these unprecedented times and the extra support we want to give those in need.
£50 could cover the cost of a 60 minute counselling session for someone at rock bottom who does not have the means to pay for the support they need. 

You could be their lifeline by clicking this button:Donate with JustGiving